Installing a user-friendly ui python application

I am new to python, and I want to install a python application with a user friendly UI. Any recommendations for where I should install python from?

Hello and welcome to the forums!

What OS are you using?
I believe Python comes pre-installed on most versions of Linux and Macintosh’s OS.

For Windows you can download the installer as an exe file,


If you are cool without the bells and whistles and just want a basic text editor and interactive shell then the download is the one you want. Do the full install and include taskbar links. To open the text editor just click, File > New File. When you save that file (suggest use the Scripts folder that comes with the install) you can run it from the Run menu, or just F5. It will restart the shell and execute the code. Of course the interactive shell is cool since It executes code immediately.


If you’re using it for ML or data science/analysis, you could look into Google’s Colab. You can just add the app to your drive and you’re set. It’s all cloud-based. The UI is easy to understand (it’s based on Jupyter Notebook) and the documentation is quite thorough. All libraries are available (even ML ones), if not you can just do a pip install. You can import datasets, push the notebooks to Github, write web scrapers, etc. I use it for data science and like it a lot.