Install SSMS on Local Personal Computer


Hi All,
I am trying to install SSMS and I am having a big issue with finding the correct server name. All I want to do is use my computer as the local host, and I know my computer name (which I have tried) and I have tried ‘localhost’ and I have tried ‘local’ and nothing works. I have attached an image of the field I am talking about. I have tried googling this and I really cannot figure out how to fix it.



SSMS is just a tool for managing existing database servers. So in order to use your own computer as a database server in the SSMS you have to install a database server :slight_smile: There is a free version of SQL Server, called Express, you can download it here ->

If you already have SQL Server installed on your computer make sure that command sqlcmd -L (executed in CMD or in PowerShell) lists any instances.