Install Pipenv on Windows via Windows Powershell or Gitbash

Hello guys,

I was doing the installation of pipenv on my Windows laptop via the tutorial link provided by Codecademy here.

As the previous Python3 Pro course suggests, so I learned and tried to install Python via Gitbash on my Windows laptop. After I installed Python 3 via Gitbash, I also used Windows Powershell to check whether it was done successfully.

So, this time I also used Gitbash to install Pipenv and it was successful. However, when I tried to check with Windows Powershell it asked me to check whether the path is right or not.

Can anyone explain me for what is happening here please?

Also, as my friend suggest me to use VS code. So, I went on VS code website to learn how to create a virtual environment inside the VS code platform.

I wonder what the difference is between I create a virtual environment on VS code and install pipenv on my laptop.

Would be so grateful for anyone who can explain above two questions for me!

This might be of help:

Or, this: