Install Git

I’m trying to install Git and following the ’ Getting Started with Git and GitHub (Videos)’ in Module 15 of Frontend Development and hit a roadblock.

When typing in ‘git push -u origin main’ in the terminal as apart of the installation the response is ‘remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021.’. I have tried searching online and on Youtube for a solution, but none have really worked - such as creating a new repository, cheacking for issues with Two-factor authentication etc.

Anyone have experienced a similar issue or know of a solution?

Much appreciated.

You need to go to Developer Settings in GH and create a personal access token.

Answers on the forums:

And from the source:


Thanks - it works now. Already had a PAT and basically instead of typing in ones Github password, you have to type (copy/paste) the personal access token.

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