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What is boolean and what does Set the following variables to the corresponding values: my_int to the value 7 my_float to the value 1.23 my_bool to the value True mean?


Boolean is a class of variable that can either be True of False. It's returned as the result of inequalities and similar other statements. For example, 5>3 would return True. So for this example, they want you to set the value of my_bool to True as you would set the other variables to a numeric value.


dude i dont understand a single said that you said. why is there a need for variables and booleans, its meant for numeric values?


haha ok, so Bolean values are necessary for multiple reasons, but basically they are a response when you compare two things (IE an inequality). It's use will be more clear when you learn loops and if/else statements, but they can also be used with characters as well as numeric.

Here's an example of using inequalities in loops


There are many situation when we need to face Yes/No (decision based problem in life) problem.
Eg :
1. If my friend comes then I will play football.
2.I will keep giving test until i score above 90.
So you see decision based problems are part of real life (or programming).
We need these elements to solve decision based problems.
so Real life YES/NO corresponds to True/False in programming.
Boolean data types are basically used in following programming elements :
1.If statements
You will understand significance of Bool data types when you will meet (1) and (2).


I even cant see where the problem is in my code look:
my_int = 7
my_float = 1.23
my_bool ="True"
if isinstance(my_int, int) and my_int == 7
print="my_int:%d" %my_int
if isinstance(my_float, float) and my_float == 1.23
print="my_float:%d" %my_float
if my_bool="True"
print="my_bool:%s" my_bool


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