Inside the head element add the link element for custom font error.What am I doing wrong?



Hi @charlebo . Im not sure if you were typing it but one of the problems were that you didnt finish that /> on the amazon HREF Link.


@amanuel2 Can you please give an example of the way it should go Thanks in advance.


@amanuel2 I add the /> at the end of the still not right


I actually didnt do the code. I was just making a suggestion :smile: Ima get someone to help you! I used to know a lot of HTML and CSS but through 1year and a halph of learning Java, I just lost the concept of html,css,javascript ive learned when i was 11 :frowning: . I have to revisit them


I can see that there is a semicolon missing from the end of the font-family line in your CSS file..


@albionsrefuge Also, san-serif on that same line should be sans-serif :)


Thanks that would be helpful..


Line 4 on Index.html should be href not herf. That's all I see off hand.