Inserting picture from url - how to resize it?

in my first assignment Fashion blog I need to insert pictures. I understand the only option is to go for pictures online - I choose one from a pixabay: - but it comes as too big for my project. Can I resize/compress an online picture?

You could use css to display the image smaller

or you could download the image, shrink it with something like photoshop, and then upload it again

thanks, but I am at the stage where CCS is not covered yet. And I can not upload picture back to pixabay. That was my headache - how to finish the exercise where you have to insert pictures and you do not have an onlone pics repository where you would be able to upload manipulated pix so codeacademy reader could access them and render pics in your project visible. But it appears I was ahead of time - in fact exercise requests to upload specific pics from codeacademy library and links are provided. So no problem for me at the moment and looking forward to learn ccs so manipulaton will become easier in project itself.

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You could upload the image somewhere else?

also, googling: html size image

gets me results which seem easy enough to implement.