Inserting images

I was interested in what I was learning with HTML and CSS so I decided to mess around some on my own using notepad++ and launching it in chrome. Unfortunately I ran into trouble with inserting an image via html when I launch it there is a little image icon but no real image, it also displays my alt. I am attempting to insert the image from my downloads folder like so: <img src="\downloads\imageToInsert" . . . >.

Will this perhaps just not work?

<img src="/downloads/imageToInsert">.

I would recommend moving the image to the same folder as your HTML page, or a folder inside that one, images.

<img src="images/image.png">

so I have moved the image to Documents, which is the same folder holding my .html file: <img src="/Documents/roman_britain.jpg" alt="map of Roman Britian" width="24" height="39">

I must have done something wrong because it isn’t working. This is the first time I have used notepad++, so I am not entirely sure how it all works, should there be a folder inside of my .html file, called images? Or am I misunderstanding?

The Documents folder is not the root directory so /Documents/ won’t find it. If the image file is in the same folder as the html, just use the image name.


Oh ok, I get it. Thanks a bunch

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Whenever you get an icon when you’re expecting an image it is almost always a result of either an improper file path or misspelling the image name.