Inserting image from local drive

What is the correct syntex for inserting an image from your local hard drive while practicing

Exercise URL: <replace this with the link to the exercise you’re stuck on.>

Error message:

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You cannot do that, in the codecademy editor

you can upload the image to a file sharing site, once the image is uploaded right click on the image and select: copy image location, now use this url in the lesson

What file sharing sites? Examples please.

dropbox, google drive and so many more. or a simply site like prntscr for images.

if you google file sharing site, the first things that shows is dropbox.

Ok. Thank you for your assistance

find a site you like, there are plenty. Then you can copy the image location, and use this exercise in the url.

just verify you have the right url, it usually ends with .jpg or .png (or another image format if you have that)

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