Inserted Code Does Not Change the Display


When I insert the code, it does not actually change anything on the newsfeed display. I believe I entered the correct code to show the description when the article is clicked on, but it does not work. When I try it and when I hit "Save and Submit" it accepts it as the correct code and move on to the next lesson.

It is not specific to this exact exercise, so I am wondering if it could be a browser issue?

var main = function() {
    $('article').click(function() {


Hi @mguyer,

$(this) references a jQuery object, the current element jQuery is interacting with. $('this') references the (nonexistent) <this> HTML tag. So if you change line 3 to reference the appropriate thing, your code will work :slight_smile:


as addition to the article of @zystvan,

With $() you are using the jQuery-Selector.....
To select a HTML-Element which carries a class attribute like class="article"
you have to pre-pend the class-name-string with a dot like

Thus you would have had to use

var main = function() {
    $('.article').click(function() {


If a HTML-Element is carrying the id attribute like id="unique"
and you wanted to select to corresponding HTML-Element with the jQuery-Selector
you will have to pre-pend the id-attribute-name-string with a hash ( # )
you would use

Play around with



google search

what is CSS explained


Thanks so much. That helps a lot!


Thanks! I appreciate the help.