Insert my own picture in HTML Fashion blog project


I’m trying to learn HTML and are experimenting in the fashion blog exercise. I would like to try to link to another picture than the ones that are given in the exercise. Therefore I uploaded my own picture on this link, trying to exchange it. It doesnt seem to work - is it not possible in the projects to upload own pictures? Or am I doing it the wrong way?

Link to picture:

Thank you!

Hmm…I can’t really see your code, I can only see what I’m guessing is the image you’re talking about? So maybe the code does work?

Another thing you could try is uploading your image to the filesystem of your project, wherever the other images are located. That usually works for me.

thank you for quick response. Did not realize that the picture showed when I posted the code, but yes then apparently the code is at least right since it was shown here… thank you, I will try to upload in the filesystem and see how that works!

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