Inputs for python in codecademy

How do I call for an input in codecademy? Whenever I call for an input in codecademy it gives me an EOFError: EOF when reading a line


Hey there @mik123je!! Welcome to the Codecademy Forums!! :grinning:

Chances are you are using the input command correctly, in Python 2 it is:

user_input('enter something here')

and in Python 3 it is:

input('enter something here')

Chances are the problem you are running into is that you are trying to use it in a lesson that is not capable of collecting input.
A good majority of Codecademy’s lessons have consoles that are incapable of sending input back to a program. To get around it your best bet is to hard code the input into your program.

If you still want to use input(), you could remake that particular project or lesson on your device.