Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 4, in
TypeError: 'str' object is not callable

I dont know what i'm doing wrong. but please help.

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print 'Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!'

# Start coding here!
variable_name = raw_input("enter a word")
variable = "orginal"


do you run this code in the exercise? I can't get the interpreter error you get

instead, i get: did you create a variable called original? currently you store the result of prompting in variable named variable_name, this should be original


yes, I ran the code in the exercise. I keep the getting the same error message.


try a different browser, and fix what i suggest:


I reset my browser and figured out what I was doing wrong. At first, I thought that I had to create a variable and name it "Original". but then I realized that typing in "original = raw_input would create the variable.

Thank you for your prompt response.


yes, the variable should be named original which you achieve with:

original = raw_input

as you figured out :slight_smile:


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