Input stopped working



input request program stopped pausing for keyboard input

pause for input at the end of the first line.

Replace this line with your code. 

a=input('input a figure     ')


Remove the extra spaces,


a=input('input a figure: ')


Thanks bandit but I tried that and it made no difference.
When I first copied it in from my text editor it worked fine but next session is when it stopped working. I've even tried typing it in again both direct into terminal and from a different test prog but all failed to work. You can bet I've tried everything I can think of. I was hoping someone else might have other ideas to what may be my problem.

The only thing it may be is; I downloaded the latest version of python 3.6.0 around that time and wondering if it could be that.


Further to my problem, I have discovered that copying and pasting is involved. If I enter the prog direct into Terminal, in the form;

a=input('input a number '); a=float(a); print(a)

it works fine. If, however, I type the same in a text editor and copy and paste it into Terminal it runs right through to the end. No errors show up or any indication of a fault.
I can copy and paste in Terminal and this also works. So, at the moment it seems to be something the editor is doing even though it is set to "Plain Text".

Still looking for means to investigate.


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