Input() or raw_input()

I have used online compliers (for Python 3) and for sum reason, input() works but raw_input() doesn’t. Why is that? Is raw_input() out dated or is it only for Python 2

raw_input is python2 only, it was removed on python3

raw_input was renamed to input

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Would it not be a good idea to update Codecademy’s Python version to 3?
I found that raw_input() -> input() change quite misleading, personally.

In Python 2, the function was raw_input(). In Python 3, the raw_input() function was renamed to input(). However, Python 2 also had an input() function that can be accessed in Python 3 with eval(input()).

@microrunner47689 Yes, and Codecademy has plans to update their Python course sometime soon :slight_smile:

@zystvan Any update on the Python course revamp?

did you check codecademy blog?

The schedule in The official blog of Codecademy currently includes this in the list of expected updates …

Winter 2017 — Learn Python new course release

However, that item is last in the list, after other items that are scheduled for Summer, 2017. Does this mean that the planned updates are listed out of order, with the Python update being planned for early in 2017, or does it mean that we actually will not see an updated Python course until after the winter solstice at the end of 2017?

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