Inpireddion - My Reddit app


I went a little overboard with this project, and what was supposed to be a simple app designed to view artistic subreddits turned into a fairly complex project. Text posts, images, galleries, and videos can be displayed, page navigation works, and any subreddit can be loaded. Searching Reddit works nicely, and an option to restrict the search function to the current subreddit is available as well. Finally, i am using the framer-motion library for page transition animations, and react-showdown to convert the markdown provided by Reddit to JSX.

I put a lot of work into figuring out how to do integration testing with React Testing Library, so if anyone has questions about unit testing or integration testing React/Redux/React-Router, feel free to ask.

I would LOVE some feedback on this project, and i really hope i can help by providing my code here:

Link to app
Project Repo