Innovation Cloud, Step 4 is out of order

In the email collection project (url:, Step 4 asks me to copy 4 files into the signups and pages directories. But the signups Model isn’t created until step 5, so the app/views/signups and app/views/pages directories don’t exist yet. Am I supposed to create the directories, then put the files into them?

It seems that the better solution would be to create all of my models and views first, then modify the files. That way I am sure the directory structure is created correctly.

Hi @wavelett,

The project intends for you to create the directories manually. If you prefer to have the app/views/signups/ directory created for you automatically, feel free to skip ahead and do step 8, then go back to step 4. On these freeform projects, you’re free to accomplish the objective however you wish :slight_smile:

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I see. To me , the beauty of rails is that a lot of the conventions that make rails work so well are that things are automaticly done for you. I was happy to see that the 'generate controller" can actually create the skeletons of the seven db function by adding the names to the end of the command. So,
rails generate controller Tags index new show
creates a whole bunch of stuff for you, and does it correctly. It also eliminates many stupid errrors.

But doing it by hand teaches you a lot about how rails works.

Thanks for you help.

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