Innovation Cloud Image positioning

Can someone help me with the 3rd step of the “Innovation Cloud” project please ?
I’m trying to “float” my image to the left/right for a while now and nothing happens and I don’t understand why.
Here is my code:

A desesperate man.

I don’t see anywhere in either your HTML(inline) styling nor your css code about a selector pertaining to your image. You only have 1 general selector your main section - which houses the image.

Edit: got confused with what I said there.

Thanks for your answer but I found the error: it was in “.main img” where the width was on 100%. I don’t know why there was that here but now that I deleted this it went alright.

One thing to note is that the float property will only be applied when the screen is less than 500px wide, since the .main img rule is within a media query. Read up on those.