Innovation cloud, Im kind of stuck between S4 and S5


(sorry i had to space out the link, otherwise i couldn’t post the thread. ( new user, apparently its more than 2 links))

The above link is the raw html code from the “share” button.

To summarize, the .jumbotron background width is shrunk down, as if there is a pad or margin property somewhere else that is interfering with it. That maybe i forgot to close a selector or something. ( i couldn’t find this, though i’ve spent about an hour minutes between these two steps lol)

This is in turn, making my footer quite smaller than it should be also.

I can add images to what’s exactly coming up if needed.

Hey Austin,

.jumbotron should have a .container is it’s child - not the other way around.
Also, >DOCTYPE html>, you’ve got the wrong angle bracket there.
Your nav links should also be actual links, linking to either # or javascript:void(0);.

This should get you started, please let me know if you’ve got any questions about anything or if it still doesn’t look quite right :slight_smile:

Also, here’s the result in a pen: so I can play with your code too :slight_smile: