Innovation Cloud Conference image float


I can’t get my image in the main section to float left and the text to wrap around on the right. No idea why it’s not working it looks sound to me.


    <div class="main">
      <div class="container">
        <img src="">


    .main .container img {
    	float: left;

And the offending screenshot:

Browser is Internet Explorer 11


Ok…so how to do I successfully display the lines of html?

Select all your HTML code, the type CTRL + Shift + C.
Also for your CSS.

Thanks. I’ve just tried that and it had no effect. Seemed to shift the text back a tab but the end result as you can see is no change.

Here, two things.

Is it an exercise? If so, link.

The other way is to select the code, and on the options bar (to change the bold, italic and that stuff) click the </> button.

Its a project called Innovation Cloud under Make a Website. Isn’t that apparent from the section this topic falls under at the top?

I’ve also just tried your second suggestion and that has no effect either.

Looks like someone else has moderated it for me now…thank you whoever you are.

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@zolated Here’s the link to the exercise @dan.solo is on:

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I did you’re welcome

@zolated This is a project under pro, you will only have access if you are a pro user :slight_smile:


Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


When viewing your should view on full screen mode.
Also you should adjust the size of the image as the original size of the image is huge :slight_smile:

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Thanks again Zainab.

Full screen mode had no effect but resizing the image worked for me.

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positioning will make a difference on full screen view

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