Inking to relative pages


Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong?

Brown Bear About Me

I added the anchor tag of Brown Bear which worked perfectly, and then I had to do the exact same thing below with About me, but the program doesn’t count it as correct, saying '‘Did you put your ‘About Me’ link after your ‘Brown Bear’ link?’'Which i did! So I don’t know what to do now.

Could I get help from someone?


Please post your HTML code, as well as a link to the exercise. Thanks.


Thanks, I already found the solution! I forgot to write the . /
Pretty stupid of me, I looked over it.


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The message still stands. Please remember to always include a link to the exercise in question when posting a new topic. Search the forums for how to post formatted code samples, which will go a long way in future posts.

Thank you I willd do

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