Initialize a repo 1/3


it says I have completed the exercise but doesn't let me click on next.
unless I have typed something wrong. for part 2 I typed "cd personal-website"
is this the correct answer?

Replace this line with your code.


Did that have the effect of changing the directory into your website? Inspect the current situation with other commands such as pwd and ls

The instructions also seem to want you to initiate a git repository before the exercise is considered completed, and again, you'd use other tools to find out whether you've done so and whether you've done so in the right location. Initiating a git repository creates a directory named .git which you could look for (the dot makes it hidden, so you would for example need to tell ls to also show hidden files), or you could use git to find out whether this is a repository by using the status sub-command


I am having the same problem. I have started over sereral time from the first lesson and tried working back through again. When I get to Deploy Your Website to GitHub Pages step 4 I cannot get step one to clear. I need to run the command line 'git remote add origin' command and have something happen, what I actually do not know. I am running it in the home/ccuser/workspace/daw directory if this helps.


O.K. the solution was in another post of the same problem. It seems that when you start the new lessons Deploy a Website you can loose the personal-website directory in the daw folder. So cd daw folder and mkdir 'personal-website' and then run the git remote add orgin command and it should work. Thanks to the other person who came up with the solution.


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