Initialise your repo 3/7

The first step asks to “use the cd command to navigate to your site’s directory.”
However, I have no idea which directory is that and i do not know what am I supposed to type to change to that directory. I am not sure whetheri asked the right question…but i just do not know what to do…
After many attempts, i pressed the get code button, hoping to see the correct code, but there was nothing ! And i just passed the level. However, i think this may affect the lessons later on…so I am asking for help…

same problem
created new acc + web-page

failed 3 times with cd command
cd /feelgood12/bingo.git;
git cd;

How to initalize a Git repository in my site’s directory?

I am having the exact same problem. It says over and over that there is no such directory and will not pass me on the second part, because I can’t get into the directory I am supposed to be in.

Moi aussi. I love codecademy but honestly they need to do some user-testing. I’ve run into multiple problems on this and other lessons.

Yep, I’m having the same issue.

i retried it couple of time ,
ls personal—website --> current directory cd personal—website
ls --should list the content of directory eg: feed. xml /index . html etc git init – run the command to initialize git

Initialized empty Git repository in / home/ ccuser/workspace/daw/personal—website/ . git/

that still dosen’t solve it…

Same issue here. Hopefully they’ll notice and fix it soon?

I think it’s a dirty hint that if we want to get an answer we need to go “PRO” Kappa

designslayer86351 is right.

you have to ls / cd your way to personal website. see below.

but really codecademy should fix this its not intuitive at all

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This response helped me. Thank you. After ‘cd daw’, I input ‘ls’ and nothing appeared, so i had to type: ‘jekyll new personal-website’


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