Initial pay python program


I am trying to complete my assignment in python about calculating the initial pay for a house worth x amount but based on the salaries of interested clients. So any salary below $2000 attracts an interest of only 10% whilst all salaries greater than the $2000 mark will attract 30%.

My code is below and I am struggling with the if conditions and what function to use to complete it. Any help please? I need to submit this tomorrow. Thanks

name =input(“what is your Full Name?”)

salary =int(input(“how much do you earn in a month?”))

house =int(input(“what is the actual value of the house you intend buying?”))

intialPay =str()

if condition:salary > 2000

interest =10%

else: 30% if salary < 2000

print(“Hi, " +name+ “.” " With your salary, you will need to pay an initial deposit of " +name+” to acquire that dream house")

What am I missing here please?

Try replacing the second +name+ with +interest+. Also, I believe you’d have to replace the else statement with interest = to update the interest to 30%.