I think I am not able to follow instruction or Im missing something clue.
Parent Class Car has member variable of model, color, mpg and now we created Electric Car which is a derived class or we must say a child class. We derived Electric Car class because we don't have battery_type on Parent Class, i think that is the mission there to be accomplish. I have check my code in pycharm seems ok. Any Clue for this member variable?


well, __init__() of ElectricCar will overwrite init of Car, so you will have to initialize all member variable again


I think I am stuck now. or i think don't know much in inheritance..
I have 2 code that doesn't work.

this is using super()

and the other is re initialize


Please copy paste your code to the forum so i can run it, use format:

So indent shows

as for your first approach, this is python2, so you can't call super() without arguments


Thanks it is my mistake for typos.

the requirements need to be the same class name what the instruction mention.
I have used EletricCar, instead of ElectricCar.



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