Information in Lessons

I have a comment.

I think it would be cool if you guys could include the information we learn each lesson an in easy to access external file.

If I am in the middle of lesson and forgot exactly how to do a certain thing I usually have to go back and open a previous lesson which takes time, especially when I really only need to remember how to type one line of code.


Hi Stefan,

That’s a good idea! Codecademy is already working along that idea with Codecademy Articles, and if you sort limit the articles to “Ruby”, then you can see a bunch of articles that should help you with this course :slight_smile:

The articles look like a great idea!

Are they accessible from the main site yet? (Or still just a work-in-progress?)



Are they accessible from the main site yet?

Yes, there’s a link to them in the footer on each non-exercise page, and I believe several exercises also link to a specific article to help explain a concept :slight_smile:

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