Infinite loop


I think i created an infinite loop. Index.php was saved, so i can`t reset code because when I open this lesson it says "Something went wrong :frowning:
Click Close to try again or refresh the page.". What should I do?

Reset execise with loop

What might work (it has before in jQuery track) is to go the to lesson previous and zoom the screen until the preview window disappears (as high a 400%). This should let you get to the next lesson and Reset the code. Then zoom back down to 100%

Because of auto-run, an incomplete loop statement may execute and make the page unusable. Before constructing a loop, introduce a simple syntax error in your code.


This is will disable the auto-run. When your while statement is complete (control variable initialized outside the loop (before) and incremented inside the loop) then remove the syntax error and your code will run.


Thanks mtf! It seems that a few other people have the same 'something went wrong' error message, so I posted a paraphrased version of your solution on those Q&A threads.

@krytek4321 I had the same problem and mtf's solution worked for me (and I realized my code had a few errors, which I fixed).

Update: It seems every few pages I get this error message and the solution was only temporary.


is their still a problem going on with php because it is not working for me


thanks a lot it worked