Infinite Loop


My code was wrong and went on a infinite loop. Now everything I load the page it loads that code and it goes on the infinite loop. I tried to reset and change the code but it did not work. Now I can't finish that lesson because of that. Any help ?


i am too, it shows error: "The program took too long to finish. Check your code for infinite loops and try again."
I can't finish 3-7 lesson While Loops in PHP


Restart your browser in private mode. And to go lesson now.


i need some help is doing the same thing for me to any help


that would be good if you guys could like tell me the right code so that i can continue my lesson thanks


Try commenting out your code when you're writing the for loop so that it doesn't run the for loop before you finish writing it.


ok thanks man for that


did not work tho so anything else to help


I was able to complete it by simply grinding out the same line of code over and over again, refreshing the page every time it errors out. When it tells you it's had a connection problem it will no longer track your code. At that point just refresh the page and try again.


ok thanks man i will try it


what is the code that i have to pout inthe code


This site is still in it's early alpha stages. There will be issues but that's how you know it's going to be an amazing final product when it's done!


how do you do the infinite loop because it ceaps on just doing the same thing and then i have to refresh the page so how do you do the right code for it because it says to make a do/while loop below the coment and then that is what i pout below it and then it still dose the infinite loop please help me it is really hard for e thanks.


You'll need to show your code because there's not much we can actually do to help you without it. Otherwise you can try commenting out all of your code and then taking out all of the brackets when you've got it all written down.