Infinite loop in "17. Loop the loop with loop

I accidentally clicked “save and submit” the code with infinite loop in lesson 17 like below
m = 1 loop do print "Ruby!" break if m == 30 end

The code editor loads forever and ever… I try to reload the page and the code editor seems like it still keeps loading and loading… is it supposed to time out after ‘some time’ and display 'this takes too long…" or so?

Now I can’t continue any ruby lesson 'cause of this same problem in the code editor :frowning:
Is there anyway to get it back to normal?

Edited: It works now, after 30’ or so, don’t know how. So I will close the topic then.

where do you increase m (m = 1)? If you do not increase m, you if statement is never true, since m will always be one

Yes, I’m totally aware of that. That’s why I said I accidentally created an infinite loop :persevere: the problem is that it results in the code editor keeps loading forever (usually it will display a message say time out but it wasn’t for my case)

The message might not always work, you can try to close the tab, otherwise close the browser. Issue resolved?

I tried to close and reopen, but for all the ruby course, the code editor keeps loading forever. After 30 minutes, it got back to normal. I edited the first post to mark it as resolved. Thanks for your reply :smiley:

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why all the hatred? I think all the problems you met are pretty much what you would encounter if you are working as a coder (or doing some serious coding) Contributing, participating, searching in the forum are also a part of it. It’s really good that codecademy provides this ecosystem for free so don’t be too harsh…we are all here to learn, rite :slight_smile:


I think @webcoder69325 gives a nice answer. This problems you will also encounter when building your own projects. Then you also need to figure out the solution yourself. The forum is here to help you, in case you absolutely get stuck, but you need to learn to debug.

With everything new you learn, it can be frustrating/tricky. Coding is more then just writing code, it is about design, debugging and much more.

I agree with you. I think that the problem of the hint on this paticular exercise and it is a trap that i fell in. I am angry at Code Acadamy for tricking me and it has ruined my reptuation as a foolproof person. To be fooled by a mere hint on a internet site is a critizism to my character.

I am voicing my opinion and I am allowed to do this so if one wants to reply then one must first expect this view.

I want to apologize for my outburst. It was a frustrating morning. Please do ignore that. :pensive: