Infinite loop confusion! 3/14


I can't find what's wrong here. I want to count to 1000 by tens, but it's in infinite loop. Could someone tell me how to fix this code? In the meantime, I'll try my luck with something more simple.
// Write your loop below!
for (i = 10; i < 1001; i+10) {

So, this is my code and I'd appreciate it if someone would tell me what's up 'cuz it's an infinite loop somehow.


This will work. take a good look at the difference compared to yours and try to identify where you went wrong

for (var i = 10; i < 1001; i+=10) {


@rydan, try running this code in the workshop and see what happens, for me it's an infinite loop.


Really. thats weird. I have it here(in labs) and it works fine


My browser doesn't support it unfortunately so I have no idea.