Infinite Loop bug #3


Like others, I scripted it incorrectly which set off an infinite loop. This caused the "Something went wrong :frowning:

Click Close to try again or refresh the page." pop up.

The problem is that my previous script is stored server-side and is repopulated back into the field after the refresh...which causes the exact same error to occur. The infinite Loop error causes a different type of infinite loop error.

I am going to continue on, but this error was rather annoying and despite others reporting the same error nobody posted a resolution for it....


I fixed this by using a different browser to insert proper script. I like cookies, but prefer cake.


can you show us your code?


The issue was that Firefox's cookie storage saved an incorrect script I wrote that caused an infinite loop. After refreshing, the incorrect script was recalled from the cookies and then processed it again, yielding another infinite loop.

I fixed it by using Chrome to supply the right script, bypassing firefox's stored cookies.

for ($i = 10; $i < 101; $i + 10) {
echo $i;


Just type the code without the 'for' keyword first.

($i=10;$i<=100;$i=$i + 10) {
echo $i;

Finally, add the 'for' keyword.

for($i=10;$i<=100;$i=$i + 10) {
echo $i;

This prevents the compiler from running for loop before we finish and giving us the error

Impossible to learn with the permanent bug! HELP

Here is my code witch is works fine! :smile:
I hope you see your mistakes

for($years= 2015; $years < 2050; $years = $years+ 1)

echo "<br> $years<br/ >";



I experienced this problem too, but I never had an infinite loop in the first place. Like @ircyborg it worked after I did the lesson from Google Chrome, but I don't understand exactly why. The first thing I tried after seeing the problem was deleting all Codecademy cookies and clearing the cache in Firefox.

My code was like this:

for ($i = 10; $i < 110; $i = $i + 10) {
echo $i;

When I clicked "Save & Submit Code", the text of the submit button disappeared but the button's blue rectangle was still there. I waited a long time, but finally gave up and refreshed the page. That's the first time I saw the code with the infinite loop. It looks like it saved something while I was still typing and tried to execute that.

After the refresh, I got the error message "The program took too long to finish. Check your code for infinite loops and try again." When I closed the error, I saw this code:

for ($i = 10; $i < 110; )

Some screenshots:

There must be something going on besides cache and cookies. Maybe Codecademy is using HTML5 local storage?

This seems like a Codecademy bug to me, not a problem with Firefox.


God! Thank you so much.


it is works for me
for($years= 0; $years < 101; $years = $years+ 10)

echo "


Thanks dear I fix my problem by ur suggestion.