Indented block. Bug?


Whenever I try to run my code it says "IndentationError: expected an indented block on line 5. Even when I copy and paste an answer (don't judge) it still says that. can someone help me? and no, I have tried restarting and re-running my code. :sob: :dizzy_face:


Post what you have, copy and post it.

Then highlight it and press the </> key OR put three `(tilde key) at the top and bottom.


It still says indent error on the n of return true. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING :cry: :tired_face: :astonished:


Post your code so we can take a look.


No I got it I'm :grinning: okay thanks for the help!! :wink:


Hey guys - my code in this section is also throwing the unexpected indent error message. In my preview of this post, I see that it's removed my indents, but the error message is indicating indent issue in line 7 "return (11== 100)"

answer = "'Tis but a scratch!"

def black_knight():
if answer == "'Tis but a scratch!":
return True
else: False
return (11 == 100) # Make sure this returns False

def french_soldier():
if answer == "Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!":
return True
else: False
return (10 != 10) # Make sure this returns False


use the tab button right to the left of the q key on places where it says the indentation is off :innocent: