Indentation Error

I keep getting an indentation error on this code regardless of if I change from tab to space format - someone please help me find the problem

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It is very hard to see the code from an image.

I think it is not the indentation that causes the problem but a missing comma after your line “jdbcurl”.
Really not sure tho.

If this is not it, could you copy/paste the code in a reply ?

Also try to make sure all the line’s use the same type of indentation. For example if line 1 uses tabs also use tabs for all other lines.
Don’t use tabs for one line and spaces for another line.

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Just a short explanation why if you are correct, it would be seen as an indention error:

In a list you have elements like

  "element1": 2
  "element2": 3
  "element3": 4

Usually you have indention in front of each element right? When you end a list, you don’t end it with a comma; you don’t put anything after that last element. So by not putting a comma here:

  "element1": 2 <-- here
  "element2": 3 <-- and here
  "element3": 4

you are practically saying “Hey! This is the end of the list!”. And the computer does just that. element2 and element3 are not part of the list, but by putting indention there when the list has already ended means that there must be a problem. Basically this is what you are doing:

  "element1": 2
   <-- keeping the indention here but not having anything there
   <-- and the same here

You probably already have fixed you code, but that’s why you are getting that error code.