Increase streak rate

When i started coding here at Codecademy i didnt had much time, so i chose the least commitnent option on the daily streak rate (1 lesson a day)
Recently, more time got available to me and i want to change the streak rate to more then 1 lesson a day.
Can you help me figure out how to change it?
Thank you

Its up to you how much you want to code a day, but each day only counts as one streak point to my knowledge.

chose? This is (so far i know) not a setting/config you can tweak. Could you clarify what you mean by this?

a streak is simply gained by doing at least one exercise a day (with the exception of freeform projects).

Programming more is certainly a good idea, but then you should aim for earning other badges, which you can see here:

there you can aim to achieve more points, badges or completed courses! Good luck :slight_smile: