Incorrect test answers on Data Science: Machine Learning Objective Assesment Part 1

You have two exam questions that marked me as providing the incorrect answer despite the two questions being right.

The first is one in regards to I Love Programming as the wrong string slices are selected as correct I re-ran my answers in Python and found that they were right. The second is in regards to your dual dictionary printout code question as the code would print out both the key and value but that was also marked incorrect.

When reporting a bug it’s a good idea to be as descriptive as possible so they can try to replicate it.

Things to include:

  • link to the exact location in the lesson
  • screenshots
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Can’t screen shot because the tests don’t show you the answer you chose and the answer that it considers right, and they only let you see the screen once after fully completing the test which just says you got it wrong. Can’t give you question numbers because they rotate. Question content is in my previous post.

However it is in the Data Science: Machine Learning Pathway first milestone multi-choice test