Incorrect hint in the Reshaping your Data exercise in Data Cleaning with Pandas course

Hi there! I found the explanations of the 4 arguments to melt confusing :frowning:

Hence, I went to , and surprisingly, the explanation was clearer!

Maybe, you could re-word the explanation to make it clearer?

For example, I was really confused about what goes in var_name and value_name. I think the text of the hint and the text in the explanation may have also contradicted each other.


The hint and the solution definitely contradicted each other. Not sure if anyone on this site is aware of it.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention @rng009 and @ankitagr72 ! :slight_smile:

I will report this as a bug.


I am getting back to inform that the bug has been resolved.

Thank you again for your contribution :slight_smile: