Inconsistencies in Instructions - [Going Crazy!] (Crazy!)


Here is a link to the exact exercise in question:

Student Becomes the Teacher: Lesson Number One

Your instructions state the following:

Following that formatting exactly (I think), I submit the following, which throws an error:

After much trial and error, I find the code variation that passes the section. This is not how you show it formatted in the instructions and I'm not sure if this code is correct, although it passes, The first block I submitted makes sense to me:

Please advise!


Since this track is being replaced in less than ten days there is not much to write home about, but it may as well be stated...

name: "Alice",

No need for extra punctuation or containment. It's a string, and that is all.


Thanks for the reply. Are you saying the track is broken and I should not complete? I have noticed quite a few glitches.


If your can, do your best to complete this track in the next couple of days, else forfeit the progress. This track must be completed by September 26, in its present form.


Their example is with a [] list, which contains "meow", "purr".
For this lesson, you are supposed to use a string for the first key, and lists for the rest.


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