& in url?


Hello, I am learning and in one of the exercises I have to paste the an image's URL. this URL contains & symbols for ...images/AnsichtHausSchering.jpg&imgrefurl.... and it says it's wrong? and it cant display the image, its highlighted in red :frowning:

Replace this line with your code.


Could you please post a screenshot of what you're seeing?



Thats not a correct url try:

Also paste in your code so we can have a look


This is what I see


yes, this is what I see


that's an awfully long image url..
Use this one https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-images/discuss_cc-logo.png less complected.

Your image is not closed off as you don't have the double quote at end of url and />

so : ..." />



This image url is weird...
Image url should look like this:


I recommend you looking for a new url and also please do not forget to self-close your img tag:

<img src="url" />


Thank you so much!!!


Thank you, I appreciate it!!! :slight_smile: