In the lessons section technical issue

when im coding inside the lesson/ codecademy editor window, my computer will not copy and paste from the lesson window to the editor???

Try using the keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting.

  • Windows: Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste.
  • Mac: Cmd + C to copy and Cmd + V to paste.

I will try this. i should say it seems like it is letting me copy the text, it will not even give me the option tho to paste it

What lesson are you learning?

The code editor window doesn’t have an option to “Paste” if you right click. You need to use the keyboard shortcuts.

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There are also a few Bash lessons and some other ones that don’t allow you to Ctrl-V, I don’t know if it’s a glitch, or if it was intended.

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That’s likely because you are working with a terminal rather than a code editor. I guess there are limitations to what you can do with the online terminal.

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That probably is true, but usually bash allows me to copy and paste.

I found the same thing and I have to do a mix of Cut & Paste and cntrl C and V. I am not sure why but I can find out and get back

Thanks for the responses!! I will try the control v next time. It was in the html lesson doing the fashion blog and the brown bear page. I had to type it all in… cuz I’m a noob lol.

I was on the html lesson, the brown bear page and the fashion blog