In the fixed lecture, I couldn't find the code which make header's background-color set as opacity?


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Please can you share the URL of this lesson,
and why you are looking for this code,



1.Here is URL

..... "One solution is to set an opaque background color for the element.The opaque background color will prevent any other content on the page from overlapping with any content inside of the div."--from lecture, I'm curious about how to make it.


There's no opacity set for the div...

From what I understand is, what they are saying is you add a color to header's background so when you are scrolling that background prevents the behind text to over lap on the header text..

Makes sense ? scroll the page and try to understand what I'm saying :slight_smile:


Perhaps, I represented not clear enough. What's I mean is what make the effect, still can see
those question and answer content through header's background when you scrolling down page.
Because I didn't find any opacity in .css code.

I really appreciate your patient to answer me.


Afraid to say, again there's no opacity and its not needed,

All this that's happening is because of the positions thus the reason for the section.. I suggest start the section again read the instructions clearly and take close notice to changes when different actions are applied :smile:


Finally, I know what's my problem.
Because those question div didn't be set any background-color, which means set as transparent. When those scroll over header, It made me look like header's background-color was set any opacity.
Thank you for your help, I really have a good lesson.


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