In $scope.products, did you add "The Book of Trees" object? In $scope.products, did you add the "Program or be Programmed" object?


Where is my mistake ? I don't understand and become crazy. Thank you for your help.

app.controller('MainController', ['$scope', function($scope)
$scope.title = 'Top Ventes';
$ = '-20%';
$scope.products = [
name:'The Book of Trees',price:'19',pubdate: new Date('2014','03','08'), cover:'img/the-book-of-trees.jpg'
name:'Program or be Programmed',price:'8',pubdate: new Date('2013','08','01'), cover:'img/program-or-be-programmed.jpg'



In the code provided by codecademy value of the price property is numerical. In your code it's a string.

Change price:'19' to price: 19 and do the same with the second book.


Thanks very much !!! It's OK now!


You're very welcome :slight_smile: