In Progress Final Javascript Project


My (In progress) Final Javascript Project

Note: There's stuff that's blurred out because it might "spoil" the surprise if you want a surprise going into this.
I've been working on my final javascript project, accessible here. It requires a google account, because The game has an online database, where you'll be able to save your character and your progress in an adventure online. There are instructions on character creation, and how to play. If anyone is confused, please let me know, as I need feedback to improve the website and the game.

Currently, there are some bugs throughout the adventure and the online service, but my current plans are to make a working adventure with some quests, towns, and a final boss. However, my ultimate plans are to make community hosted content, as well as overall character progression as you play through other people's adventures. I've got a pretty good idea on how to do this, but currently, it's not in there for obvious reasons. If I could get some feedback or bug reports, that'd be great, and I'd love to hear everyone's ideas and thoughts. Thank you so much!

One more thing:

When you use the character creation when entering an age or a stat, you have to click the arrows on the side, or click on the input form and press "up" and "down" on the arrow keys. That's how it is for now.


Nicely done! Looks like it's on the way to greatness. Good luck.