In need of help with C++

Hello everyone, I am a newbie programmer trying to find my way into this field. I recently started to learn C++, and I am trying to learn the language by doing some open-sourced project from GitHub.

My question is how do I access the file. Every time I downloaded the file from GitHub, There seemed to be no way of running it.

For example, Codecademy export · GitHub.
The website contains another person’s project from Codecademy. I am using Visual Studio Code and every time I opened the main.cpp, There is no build or compile button that lets me run the code.

Thank you

I think you’re missing the compile step, have you done a basic intro course to c++? It might help more than looking at old projects.

I don’t believe there’s a compiler included by default in vs code. If you’re averse the command line then it’s worth checking the vs code docs for the details of getting vs code to build for you-

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Thanks. I finally figured out how to do it in VS Code even though it takes a long time to build the code.
Is there any good open-sourced project that is beginner-friendly? Would like to practice more with a real life code.