In need of Guidance

I have just finished the Learn Python 3 course (My first Coding course) on Codecademy.
Could you give some suggestions on what I could learn next.

Hello! That really depends on what you want to do…If you want to do something with data science or data analytics, perhaps you should take one of those paths on CC. If you want to move into more web development, you could either look at learning HTML/CSS and a Python web framework (like Flask), or go the more traditional route of learning JavaScript (there are courses for all the above mentioned things on CC). In the meantime, I’d suggest doing some small projects to keep your Python skills up, and perhaps doing some challenges on sites like Codewars or Hackerrank.

I hope this helps!


Could I stop taking advanced classes in Python and go with languages like Go,Kotlin/Java or JavaScript.

I still haven’t figured out what to do.

If you wanted to, but again, it entirely depends on what you want to do…If you goal is to get really good at Python, then I’d continue taking the advanced Python classes, since learning another OOP language (like Kotlin, etc) isn’t going to teach you much that you haven’t learnt from Python (except for static typing), so unless you want to use one of those languages for something (like app/web dev), then I’d just continue building your fluency in Python.

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