In need of a bunk up


I’m Bob Sharp … Totally Deaf, and (almost) totally incapable at 65.

Have a background in computing, ICL COBOL, [and various tools], and ASP WebDev [same again].
Redundant from my last computer job at 15 years ago … found it impossible to get one as employers expected you to act as Help Desk techs (telephone) when needed.

Now finding it really hard to get my head around the new Grid Layout way of creating pages.

Following the basic courses ok, but most of it is not sinking in.

Would it be possible to send me a couple of working examples that I could play around with ?

One I’d appreciate is a centered page (lots of white space) made up of …

  1. Header box.
  2. one row of an image next to two other boxes (on top of each other), the bottom one will have a button to change the image.
  3. one full width row the contain some text dialogue.
  4. Footer box.

It’s an idea for a holding page, for a website “under construction”.

best regards

Bob       [[email protected]]

You can play around with the examples provided by the lesson? You can just copy the content from the lessons and fiddle with it on your local machine

MDN has some excellent guides on grid:

You learned the grid, the great challenge is now to build what you want using grid.

Asking someone here on the forum to do this, kind of beats the point of learning grid


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