In Lesson exercises (create table, writing queries, etc.), no RUN button

In the regular lessons, when you enter your queries, you click the Run button at the bottom to submit them and get your results.

In the exercises post-chapter, there’s no Run button. There’s a Save button. But that isn’t executing any code I’m writing. It does the forever spinning circle like it’s trying to save and just can’t seem to do it.

Am I missing something here? How do I test the code I write in the exercises?

The Save button is the right thing to use to run your statements. If it is forever spinning then look for a mistake in your code :smile:

You can post your statements here if you want someone to double check them.

I was just typing select * from movies; and it was doing it. Maybe my computer is just having a moment. A very annoying moment :frowning:

That works fine for me. Poke at it a bit, reload/refresh the page …


I appear to be encountering the same issue, There is no RUN button in the GUI for me to verify my work, I have saved the query and I still get nothing in return in the Query Results window pane.


Could you please post a screenshot showing your whole web page?