In-Lesson console loading incorrectly

I am having an issue with the in-lesson command prompt loading in my browser. This happens on Chrome, as well as Edge.

Basically every time there is a supplemental command prompt for which to practice the material, I have to refresh the page each time after clicking next. And, if there is a 2nd screen that goes with the command prompt it will either only load partially or not at all.

I did have pop-up blocker enabled. I disabled it and refreshed the page to no avail, though…

There is a screenshot of the issue I’m having below. The shot was captured AFTER I had already refreshed and the command prompt had loaded. Originally, even the command prompt wouldn’t load but looked different than the window on the right while doing so.

Hey Derek,

I had the same issue, I think it was the first “solution” in this video that fixed it.

Hope it works for you!

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I already use the Google DNS so that didn’t help.

However, I installed Firefox and it seems to be working fine. I don’t understand why. Edge is relatively new to my use but Chrome has been a very compatible browser for me so I’m surprised I had to use an alternate browser in this case.

Thank you for your time.

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