In HTML course: form story the project section

“The logic for parsing and inserting of user inputs is already taken care of in main.js using JavaScript . We’ve also added some styling to the page in style.css . You can find these files by click on the folder icon located at the top of the code editor and selecting the files you’re interested in.”

but I cannot find the folders for JS and CSS files beside html file on the top of the code editor.
Can you fix the problem because I really want to see the codes in JS and CSS files?
Thank you very much!

The folder icon is on the upper left hand corner of the text editor where you write your code. Next to the big X and the name of the file. Click that folder and you should see the files.

Hope this helps!

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@tesla809 thank you~~~ I finally find it because of you.

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@bettydesigner Happy to help!

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