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i pwd my directory, than i wanted to use the bottom “Tab” to autocomplete my command. for ex, when i write “cd 2” and tab “tab” it should autocomplete it to 2014 or 2015, but it didn’t??

If this is on the CC environment with bash (readline?) then try hitting tab twice which should autocomplete part of the text (possibly as far as 201) and then with repeats lists any potential completions in standard output.

Exactly how any potential autocomplete works depends a lot on what kind of environment you’re working in. A different shell, a different terminal or a different set-up could alter the functionality or simply be without any autocomplete options.

In your example completing a full directory name, e.g. 2015 would possibly mask the other directory. Should auto-completion then be avoided? Should it cycle through the options. Should it list the options? Should it partially complete to “201” and then do something else? Aside from auto-completing and potentially masking other paths they’re all valid options. Have a look around online and find an option that works for you.

Bouncing this into get-help command-line to better reflect the content of the post.


Good call. It’s what I just did with the duplicate post (now deleted).

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