In Depth: Modular JavaScript

Modular JavaScript
By Nicolás Bevacqua

Modular JavaScript is an open effort to improve our collective understanding of writing robust, well-tested & modular applications. It consists of five books, each of which explores a key aspect of JavaScript development — comprehensively.

Hi @mtf, is there a missing link in the post or it’s supposed to be a book? I tried google and arrive to this link, unsure whether it’s the one intended. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


My bad! Fixed now. There is also a Github page…

(Yes, you found the correct link.)


What a coincident as I just came across Nicolas Bevacqua today as well.

I somehow just keep clicking and arrive to his booklist from stackoverflow.

Didn’t know about this though :sweat_smile: Great share!


Pretty sure I’ve posted this author in Weekend Reading sometime in the past. Will have dig around. I’m thinking of asking for new categories in the corner bar so that Weekend Reading, Insights and In Depth articles are easier to find.

To read the book(s) click the cover in the above linked page.

const listeners = [];
const listen = () => `Listening for... ${this.listeners.join(', ')}`
const events = {listeners, listen};


Listening for... click, dblclick

Syntactic sugar, and then some, which we need to discuss in terms of implications at the beginner level, despite the advanced audience the book is targeting. It’s why I post these readings. Many of them are way over my head, but I can read CSS, HTML, JS, etc., and perceive…

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